5 Signs Your CEO Doesn’t Understand Content Marketing

By Ryan Howard | December 29 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 Comments

5 Ways your CEO Doesn’t Understand ContentPicture an average marketing strategy session with your CEO. Does progress get stalled because your CEO has outdated notions of what marketing looks like or doesn’t fully understand what marketing is giving them and pushes back against modern marketing strategies? That shouldn’t surprise you. Many chief executives don’t have a marketing background, or if they do, their knowledge is rarely up-to-date.

Whether your CEO knows it or not, content marketing has forever changed the way marketing is accomplished. Keep these five outdated suggestions CEOs commonly make in mind to determine how modern your CEO’s understanding of marketing is:

1. “Our blog should tell people how great we are.”

Your CEO might have the purest motivations, but when your blog focuses only on what you offer and not on solving customers’ needs, that will define your company. With Google’s ever-changing algorithm and search engine optimization, gone are the days when companies could post blog after blog focusing on their products and services.

And if your content has a “Me, me, me!” tone, it’s not going to attract customers – it will repel them.

2. “We’re wasting our time on social media.”

This is a tough one to navigate. Unless you have off-the-charts ROI, proving the ROI for social media will more than likely ‘prove’ your CEO’s point, too. Often your social channels are providing the smallest segment of traffic.

If your CEO is skeptical of spending time on social media, appeal to their productivity side and remind them that with social, it takes no time at all to produce lots of content for your company.

 3. “This content will never lead to a sale.”

A comment like this is a huge indicator of short-sightedness with a bottom-funnel focus. Encourage your CEO by making the picture a little bigger for them, showcasing how content created today can actually generate traffic in the long-term. 

4. “We need a new homepage.”

Once upon a time, the homepage was like a bright online billboard for your company. Today, your homepage should be like an easy-to-ready signpost, pointing visitors in the right direction (to the content they need).

Make sure you are following web design best practices (such as responsive web design) and use site traffic metrics to prove to your CEO that you don’t need to put marketing dollars into a single page when you can leverage your entire site to the company’s advantage.

5. “Listening to market feedback is not valuable to us.”

Failing to acknowledge to feedback is one of the most damaging mistakes a company can make. Today, customers are more in control of your brand than ever before – and if your CEO isn’t allowing you to conduct surveys or do market research, it’s a sign that they’re in the dark about how little brand control the company has.

The above examples of how your CEO doesn’t understand content marketing are just the beginning when it comes to the ways that your CEO can keep your efforts stuck in the past. It’s unfortunate, but a lot of companies aren’t able to meet their full potential because of the misunderstanding that CEOs have of content marketing.

Remember, you can communicate your marketing concerns with your CEO and meet them halfway using the techniques we recommended in this blog. Take responsibility as the marketing expert! Bridge the gap for your CEO from older concepts to modern marketing ideas.

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