4 Proven Strategies to Increase Buyer Engagement

By Jen Schwartz | March 18 2019 | Inbound Sales | 0 Comments

how to increase buyer engagementThough reach is essential, getting eyes on your content is not the only priority. Successful content marketing is more than just informational; it encourages interaction.

Breaking the habit of passive content consumption is a significant hurdle for most businesses looking to increasing buyer engagement. However, without connection and conversation, prospects can’t move further along in the buyer’s journey.

Try out these four buyer engagement strategies to energize your audience into curious, active participants.

Ask Away

People love sharing their opinions, but sometimes they need a little push. If your content lacks engagement, invite your audience to become a part of the conversation. Ask questions to show that you value the reader’s input and help make your online presence less of a soapbox. Once the comments or messages start rolling in, your team can reply and start one-on-one conversations to strengthen each individual’s connection with your brand.

Create Interactive Content

According to Demand Metric, interactive content converts buyers 70% of the time compared to just 36% for static content. One of the best ways to capture user attention, encourage action and increase overall engagement is with experiential content. Whether it’s a blog post, social share, or downloadable offer, creating interactive content makes engagement a part of the process from the start. Not only is it an opportunity to immerse buyers in your material, but it also makes for a more personalized marketing experience.

Make Chatting Easy

Most people prefer text over calls these days, so expecting people to dial up your business on their own isn’t always a safe bet. Just because your phone isn’t ringing, that doesn’t mean your audience doesn’t have questions. Simplify the communication process with a website chatbot that visitors can interact with directly.

With smart technology, you can program auto responses for common inquiries you receive. Instead of using a default bot, include an employee profile to personalize the experience, so visitors already know a point of contact when they are ready to carry the conversation further. You can apply this tactic on your social accounts, too, by implementing automated responses on messaging apps.

Play Games

Gamification can be a great engagement tactic if you make sure it’s a game that prospects can win. Whether short or long-term, gamification strategies turn simple actions into a fun activity and incentivize people to continue interacting with your content to check off boxes on their list. One way to make site actions feel more like a game rather than an ask is by including a progress bar that automatically updates once a task is complete.

Give to Get

Humans love free stuff, so it’s only natural that offering user incentives for taking action is a proven method to drive buyer engagement. Rewards can be as simple as a pricing discount or more creative with branded gifts that turn customers into brand ambassadors when they use items with your logo. Try creating a contest that rewards whoever gets the most likes on a comment and people will be eager to engage. Providing something valuable in return for an action taken will pique interest and give people a reason to comply.

People won’t connect with your company just because you produce excellent content and put your information out there. If you want more buyer engagement, you’ll need a strategic approach. Use the above techniques to turn content into a conversation.

Keep in mind that for successful engagement, your sales and marketing must not only be on board but have set processes in place for managing each interaction. Are you looking for more ideas on increasing connections with buyers? Contact the Inbound marketing specialists at HeadsUp today!

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