How to Keep your Blog Fresh

By HeadsUp | November 20 2014 | Content Marketing | 0 Comments

creating fresh and new blog contentIf you have been blogging regularly, then you have noticed two things. It gets both easier and harder every day! Writing becomes less of a chore, thanks to the practice you’re getting, but finding a new topic keeps getting harder.

I know the feeling, because I blog… a lot! So I wanted to let you in on one big tip I used to keep my fingers moving quickly across my keyboard.

Recently, I wrote about not using Reddit marketing in your marketing campaign. However, I gave one exception ... that Reddit be used as a research tool. Nearly every day, I graze through the Sub-Reddit /r/DigitalMarketing/, looking for the trending topics in my field. This is where I get many of my best blogging ideas.

To show you what I mean, let’s pretend you are writing a blog about plumbing. After typing the word “plumbing” into the search bar on Reddit's homepage, a list of results appear. To save time, the results are narrowed to show only results from the Sub-Reddit R/DIY.

The first post is too broad, "Question: What is the cheapest and most efficient way of building your own house/cottage?," but the second post, “Dual kitchen sink with garbage-disposal is draining very slowly. Details and pictures in the info. [Help],” happens to be perfect.

While already self-explanatory, clicking through the post can give you a variety of topics on plumbing to blog about. Namely, what is the “gladiator helmet thing,” snaking a drain, and how you have dealt with this in your business.

I still believe Reddit shouldn't be your marketing platform if you don’t know it intimately, but when it comes to keeping your blog fresh, it sure is hard to beat!

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