Scary Good Marketing Lessons from "Stranger Things"

By Katie Green | October 23 2017 | Content Marketing | 0 Comments

Stranger Things Marketing AdviceWith Season 2 of the Netflix hit arriving and Halloween right around the corner, we couldn’t imagine a better time to find out how Stranger Things can teach you a thing or two about content marketing.

1. Throw It Back

Stranger Things is littered with retro influences, inserting careful nods to the past. The show builds on 80s nostalgia to connect with its audience.

While you might cringe to think about more dated content, it’s important to look back at what connected with users in the past. After all, you just might be able to repurpose that old blog into a new piece of relatable content for your audience.

2. Switch Up Your Perspective

In Stranger Things, several residents of Hawkins, Indiana disappear and find themselves in the Upside Down. One of the most remarkable things about the Upside Down is it isn’t a distant place at all. In fact, it’s the same Hawkins – just a different version.

Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you fall through a portal into a dark, goo-filled alternate reality, but the ability to see things differently is a powerful tool. Learning to turn things upside down may offer an unexpected perspective.

3. Be True to Yourself

The reason behind Stranger Things’ popularity is the familiarity of 80s references to its viewing audience. From the set design to Barb’s haircut, the show’s dedication to authenticity never wavers, and it is stronger for it.

Just like the 80s references, your company’s values have not changed. However, your ability to adapt them to current trends will resonate with your audience, helping you stay relevant. Consistently weave your values into your content, and users will pay attention.

Watching Stranger Things is not only a fun way to pass the time, but it is also a great reminder that in pop culture and content marketing, everything old can be new again.

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